Hanyu Translation

Chinese to English translation for marketing, business and media.

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I have experience translating many different types of written documents with all levels of complexity. Whether it is a marketing presentation, customer survey, interview, contract or global press release, I'm here to help you. My fields of specialty include:
Corporate communications
Internet Technology
Market research
Television and media
Video and mobile gaming
Cosmetics and beauty products
Visa-related documents
Green energy
Academic articles (politics, literature, history)



I provide accurate subtitling that is both targeted at your core audience and sets the correct tone based on genre, editing and story-telling modes. I have been the primary subtitler for over 40 hours of Phoenix TV documentaries, news programs and history specials, and I have completed multiple subtitling projects for Vice on HBO. I use Annotation Edit and have experience with MacCaption. Genres I have covered include:

news programs
history/historical dramas



All of your company's materials need to be localized and directed if you want to attract your target audience. I offer transcreation services to ensure your message reaches new markets with the right mood, tone, and content. My areas of specialty include:


Product descriptions
Social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, WeChat)
Press Releases


Website Translation

Do you want to establish credibility with English-speaking customers? I can provide Chinese to English website translation to help your customers understand and use your services or products. I have served as the primary translator for website content translation for two major Chinese IT companies. I also controlled the primary translator for the Ford Automotive mobile APP content in China.



I have transcribed and translated over 100 hours of interviews from Chinese speakers with a range of accents and backgrounds. I can provide transcribed content in both the source Chinese text (traditional or simplified) and in the target translated English text, or I can provide the English translation only. In addition, I can add time codes and create formatting based on your specific needs.