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Price (in US dollars)

Chinese to English Translation

- Translation from source language (Simplified or Traditional Chinese) into target language (US English or UK English)


$0.085 per word (English)

$0.07 per character (Chinese)

$27.00 per hour

Two-copy editing and proofreading

- Includes consultation of source and target language copies to ensure accuracy, smoothness and flow

$0.06 per word (English) / $27.00 per hour


- Editing of translated English text only 

$0.03 per word (English) / $25.00 per hour


- Formatted English subtitling added to Chinese language video/mp4 files (advertising content, TV dramas, documentaries, films, etc.)


$14.50 per minute of footage / $27.00 per hour


- Transcription + translation, Chinese to English

- Monolingual transcription (standardized Chinese)

- Monolingual translation (English)


$9.50 per minute of recording / $27.00 per hour

$4.00 per minute of recording / $25.00 per hour

$7.50 per minute of recording / $27.00 per hour

Additional charges

 - Charge for working with non-editable documents such as PDF-files, handwritten documents, etc. 

- Time coding

- Creative copy

- Charge for on-site work

- Rush fee


Plus 15% of base price

Plus 15% of base price

Plus 30% of base price

Plus 20-40% of base price

Plus 20-40% of base price

Minimum fee




Rates can usually be set based on the source character count or target English word count (exceptions include source file formats that prohibit accurate character counts). I also have hourly rates for special services such as editing, consulting, on-site work and survey translations. The rate must be agreed upon before the start of any project. Rates are usually set in USD; if you prefer to use another currency, the conversion rate must be agreed upon by both parties in advance.

Please note that rates are subject to change based on the details of the specific project. A sample of my average rates are listed below, but please contact me and I'll be happy to give you an exact quote. I accept payments via check, bank transfer, wire transfer, Paypal, WeChat Wallet or Alipay.


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