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I have experience translating many different types of written documents with all levels of complexity. Whether it is a marketing presentation, customer survey, interview, contract or global press release, I'm here to help you. My fields of specialty include:
Corporate communications
Internet Technology
Market research
Television and media
Video and mobile gaming
Cosmetics and beauty products
Visa-related documents
Green energy
Academic articles (politics, literature, history)






I provide accurate subtitling that is both targeted at your core audience and sets the correct tone based on genre, editing and story-telling modes. I have been the primary subtitler for over 40 hours of CCTV, Phoenix TV and Shanghai Youhug Media documentaries, news programs, TV dramas and history specials. I have also completed several subtitling projects for Vice on HBO, and I was the head translator of a 2017 international feature film. I use Annotation Edit and have experience with MacCaption. Genres I have covered include:


Feature films
News programs
TV dramas/sitcoms


Programs, films and documentaries I have subtitled include:


Wangdrak's Rain Boots (2017, dir. Lhapal Gyal, Official Selection, 2018 Berlin International Film Festival)
The Divorce Lawyers (Season 1))
US Birth Tourism Revealed 
Adidas Tango Squad Season Two
Fashion Impression (CCTV)
Amazing Journey (CCTV)
Documentation of the World (CCTV)
Phoenix Buster 
Journalist on the Spot
Premium Spectacular
English Decoded
The Odyssey of Dragon
A Face in the Crowd (Vice on HBO)
Year of the Dog (Vice News Tonight on HBO)
The Cost of Living (Vice Season Six)
Chinese Women are Getting Rich by Simply Livestreaming Their Days (Vice News Tonight on HBO) 
China's Hottest Boy Band is Made Up of All Girls (Vice News Tonight on HBO)  
AI Sex Dolls are Driving China's Sexual Revolution (Vice News Tonight on HBO) 













Website Translation

Certified Translations and Official Translations

I have transcribed and translated over 100 hours of interviews from Chinese speakers with a range of accents and backgrounds. I can provide transcribed content in both the source Chinese text (traditional or simplified) and in the target translated English text, or I can provide the English translation only. In addition, I can add time codes and create formatting based on your specific needs.
As an ATA Certified Translator (Chinese into English), I provide official translation and certified translation for documents to be used in the US for submission to schools, immigration authorities, professional licensing agencies, banks and insurance companies. Materials for which I can provide Certified Translations include:


Birth certificates
School transcripts
Death Certificates
Bank statements
Do you want to establish credibility with English-speaking customers? I can provide Chinese to English website translation to help your customers understand and use your services or products. I have served as the primary translator for website content translation for two major Chinese IT companies. I also controlled the primary translator for the Ford Automotive mobile APP content in China.


I have worked on corporate websites including:




All of your company's materials need to be localized and directed if you want to attract your target audience. I offer transcreation services to ensure your message reaches new markets with the right mood, tone, and content. My areas of specialty include:
Product descriptions
Social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, WeChat)
Press Releases